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The members of the Congregation Council at Sts. Peter and Paul have unanimously approved a plan for re-engaging the congregation in public worship. Please review the following document by clicking on the link "Returning to Public Worship"  before attending services. The date for beginning public worship is Sunday, July 19th, at the usual 10:15 a.m. hour. The services will be held in the sanctuary and abbreviated in several ways in order to reduce risk. We encourage you not to feel obligated to attend public worship, especially if you are at-risk or could transmit the virus to another at-risk person(s). Arrangements are being made to live-stream these worship services for individuals and households who will not be able, or are reluctant, to return to in-person worship during the foreseeable future. View the Live Stream of the Service here. See also this one page summary of "What to Expect". Other group meetings will commence as negotiated with congregational staff. Please be in touch with your group leadership about these arrangements and schedules.

Worship Schedule

Worship Services
Sundays (September thru May)
9:30am - Adult Choir Rehearsal
10:15am - Liturgy of Holy Communion

Kid's Worship & Services
Sundays (September thru May)
9:15am - Sunday School
9:15am - Confirmation Instruction
10:15am - Liturgy of Holy Communion
11:30am - Youth Choir Rehearsal

Sundays (June thru August)
9:15am - Liturgy of Holy Communion
Wednesdays during Lent
6:30pm - Soup and Bread Supper
7:15pm - Lenten Vesper Evening Service
Additional Events
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